Vegas and Boba Tea

As I write this, we are driving across Nebraska on our way back to see family for the holidays. It's been a LONG (and wonderful) couple of weeks making the trek from California (which included a small snow storm in Vail, CO), but I just had to share one of the most recent highlights.

Last year, I met up with Tiffani for the first time when our paths crossed in Las Vegas. This year, I was supposed to go to L.A. and spend tons of time exploring the big city and taking photos and just being besties in general...BUT, life happened and we had to bypass L.A. and head East earlier than planned.

I was SO disappointed that we would not get to connect...but when I emailed her about it, we both realized that we would be in Vegas AGAIN at the same time. Oh the joy! We were able to spend a bliss-filled afternoon chatting and letting the kids run wild. California Pizza Kitchen. Shopping at H & M + dancing to hip hop music in the dressing rooms...giggling all the while. And don't forget the boba! Be sure to watch our silly video above. :)

I pretty much ADORE Tiffani and wish that I could magically transport her to wherever I happen to be...but for now, I will take what I can get :) Be sure to read her account of our visit here and check out her fabulous (and I mean fabulous) blog. And look at her pretty pictures.

Now that we are almost done driving for awhile, I have big plans to blog more and I have several REALLY COOL giveaways planned. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend...I'm off to celebrate my birthday! :)