She Is Me

She Is Me I am on one end of the couch. She is on the other. Trying to sleep...but scared of monsters. Trying to explain it to me...but deciding to close her eyes instead. SO FULL of life and energy and spice. It's exhausting and beautiful at the same time. My heart aches to watch her sleep. Wondering what I might have missed that day. Thinking about what I should have said. Where we should have gone. Pushing those thoughts away... I take her hand and pull her close. Her little body fitting perfectly to mine. She is me. And I tell her I love her. Over and over.

My friend Tiffani made a beautiful video of her daughter. If you have a 6 year old, get out the kleenex :) I totally cried. I am thankful for friends who can help remind me to slow down and savor life's most important moments.

When You Are Six... from freeplaylife on Vimeo.