DPP '10 // Six

Last summer while we were in Minnesota, I was supposed to connect with the friend of a friend for a photo session...but the timing didn't work out and we actually never met in person. Fast forward to this week...standing in the line at Starbucks. This lovely lady in front of me turns and says "I recognize you from your blog!" It was her...Sonya!

We chatted briefly about how we should get our six-year-olds together for a play date someday. But I don't like "someday"... I'm more of a "let's do it!" kind of girl. So we put it on the calendar right then and BAM! We had new friends!

We arrived at their home this morning and it was so warm and inviting. There was a fire roaring in the fireplace and hot water boiling for tea on the stove. From the moment we walked in, Bella and Edie disappeared into their own little world of forests, butterflies, and watercolors. Little kindred spirits.

Sonya is a delightful mama who is studying to be a midwife...and we have much in common. I knew I liked her when she offered me the slippers off her feet to wear while I was there. :) I'm sure we will stay in touch...it's so fun to have another mama friend in Brainerd.

Lesson for the day: Don't wait for someday! Reach out and make connections. You won't regret it!

*see more photos from our fun day here.