Texture Clothing Giveaway

I had big plans to swing up to the lovely town of Bellingham when we passed through Washington earlier this fall. But the uncertainties of travel prevailed and we never made it. I would have SO LOVED to step into Teresa's studio and see where the magic happens. I wanted to smell the fresh cut fabric and see all the yummy colors and share a cup of tea with her. If you don't know about Bellingham, take a peek at this awesome video. Teresa was interviewed for it and you see snippets of her cutting + fabric. Love it. It made me even more sad that we didn't go!

But instead of seeing Teresa in person...we'll just have a giveaway! Yay yay yay for another Texture Clothing giveaway! *squeal* I know you are as excited as I am...because the last Texture giveaway was wildly popular. And why wouldn't it be? Teresa's clothing and accessories are beautiful and functional and well, pretty darn amazing.

What is Texture Clothing? Think gypsy vibe and travel savvy with the ease of real world living built in. texture is a boutique without the pretense ~ hard wearing, high fashion ~ figure flattering cuts ~ street legal HEMP product ~ not the coffee sack fashion typical of HEMP clothing ~ lovingly made, deftly stitched, beautifully patterned in the Pacific NW ~ clothing with a conscience.

Who is Teresa? Teresa Remple is the naturally caffeinated instigator and inspiration for texture clothing. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has lived in Bellingham, WA for nearly eight years. She is the proprietress of texture clothing and in that capacity she does everything from drafting patterns to sweeping the floors. She started sewing at twelve and founded the company in October, 2002. As a seventeen year veteran of the summer festival scene, Teresa embodies a compassionate, earth first vision for the under appreciated, and misunderstood HEMP fabric. A Fashion Arts graduate with a passion for textiles that makes her special, she’s all about working hard and living lean.

Our giveaway is for:

  • A funky little "scrappy scarf" (made with the leftover scraps from the other Texture clothing!)
  • AND...my favorite thing in the whole wide world: knit mitts!

I am only a little obsessed with my knit mitts (I already have another pair on the way!). They are, hands down, the most comfortable fingerless-glove-thingies that I've ever worn. I love how they cling so nice to my hands, and they are surprisingly warm. I pretty much want to wear them everywhere. All the time. But, just a little tip for ya: I've found that it's helpful to take them off while eating and going to the bathroom ;-) The scrappy scarf is so so sweet and soft....and is the perfect weight to wear with anything, indoor and out. For all you dready mamas out there,  I actually like to wear it as a dread wrap as well...it's super stretchy and just perfect for it!

There are four wonderful ways to enter the giveaway (you can do them all if you want -- leave a comment for each one).

  • Leave a comment and tell me your favorite hot drink. Oh how I love a great hot drink.
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook page
  • Share this giveaway on Twitter
  • "Like" the Texture Facebook page (if you're already a fan, you can add another entry).

I will randomly choose a winner on Friday, December 10 (entry cutoff is at 12:00 p.m. CST).

If you simply cannot WAIT until Friday to see if you win and you must order now...Teresa is offering a 20% discount to you as well...just enter the code HAPPY20 (valid through Dec. 13). So many goodies to choose from!

Have a happy day!

*big thanks to my Dad, who was the superstar photographer for today's post :)