Date Night Delight

Matt and I recently went on a "date night" in Des Moines. We left the girls with Nana and Papa and took off for a night of just US! First we went to our favorite Thai restaurant and shared spring rolls and curry. Then we headed down to a sweet little alternative theater and saw The Social Network (which was excellent!). On the way home, we grabbed some coffees at Starbucks.

It was delightful. We were able to sit and really SEE each other and talk without interruption. Even though we spend all day, every day together...the connection is sometimes lost in the daily-ness of life.

We are definitely not "regular" date-nighters...although I long to be. I have friends that have been doing it every week for YEARS! I'd love to hear about the special ways that you re-connect with your spouse or loved one...

Do you have a regular date night? Have you taken a special vacation together? How do you re-connect/slow down...especially during this hectic holiday season?