DPP '10 // Family

As I type this, I am sitting on that same couch in the photo above...but I'm all alone. The house is quiet. The gifts have been opened.  Almost everyone has gone...headed out to embrace what 2011 will hold.

I'm thinking back on the past two days, and I am so thankful.

Thankful that our entire family was together. Thankful that we love each other so deeply. Thankful that all of us call Jesus our savior.

I take a deep breath and re-live several of the moments from our time together.

Family marbles. Caramel rolls. Via coffee. Lots of Via. Late-night movies. A new sister. Bella and The Easy Bake Oven. Breakfast made by Mom and Dad. Lucy giving kisses. Homemade pies (thanks Jess!). Wedding talk. Amazing food. Gifts given in love. Blessed togetherness.

I hope your Christmas was just as joy-filled as mine was!

*This is the last photo of the official "December Photo Project". I love posting photos of daily life though...so I will try to continue to post more :)