Facing The Sunset

Colorado has a little law against texting while driving. But what about taking photos while driving? I didn't see any laws against that :) I just couldn't help myself...it was breathtaking!

Tonight as we were driving to go meet Matt at Chipotle for dinner, I was greeted with this beautiful fiery sunset over the mountains. The thing is, as I was driving south, I had no idea that once I turned the corner to drive West, I would see this!

Isn't this how life is too? We get so focused on the bumpy gray road we are currently on that we forget what beauty is all around us...just waiting to be seen. All we have to do is just turn and face it.

Yesterday, Ann Voskamp's new book arrived at my door. I read the first chapter this morning and was a little shaken for the rest of the day. You'll have to read it to see what I'm talking about. Let's just say that it reminded me how fragile life is. I drank in everything that the girls did today with extra care. I smelled Lucy's neck for longer than normal and squeezed Bella so tight.

Today was like every other day. But with eyes wide open, not wanting to forget these moments...I chose to see it differently.

  • A newspaper magically arrived at my door for me to read while I sipped my mate.
  • Steamy pancakes flipped by an excited 6 year old make life worth living.
  • An ecstatic little Lucy leads me over to her most recent artwork (nevermind that she drew in a book instead of the paper).
  • Sisters creating together. Such sweetness (and sometimes fighting, but mostly sweetness) :)

Oh these precious moments...I want to always have open eyes to see them for what they really are. They are little blessings in the every day of life. There is so much joy to be found if I just remember to face the sunset.

*you can (and should!) read Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, here.