And God did start it. It was nothing short of a miracle considering the last dead battery incident which involved a mind numbing non-stop car alarm extravaganza. I breathed a sigh of relief as that key turned over and the engine rumbled slowly to a start. We headed down the snowy street to the library to meet Natalie and the kids...offering up our deepest thanks to Jesus as we drove.

Natalie and I sat in two kiddie chairs and watched our littles play. We talked about homeschooling and upcoming birthdays and other mommy chitter chatter.

There were many times while living on the road that I LONGED for a best friend. I would see other mamas at the park with their girlfriends and a lump would form in my throat as I realized how long it had been since I had a girlfriend (in person) to confide in and laugh with until our sides hurt. I longed for that connection again. I longed to be able to answer "YES!" to a  library invitation on a snowy morning.

After the library, the girls and I went for our weekly "mommy date". This week we enjoyed the lunch special at the Thai restaurant in town. Lucy watched the goldfish while Bella read local magazines. We shared the pad thai and red curry...and then bundled back up to go grocery shopping.

We enjoyed our time out "on the town"...but we were even happier to get home and get the house ready for Daddy's arrival. After a dinner of homemade tortillas + tacos, we started up the fire and watched American Idol. We LOVE our quiet, magical evenings at home and the simple connection that comes from being with each other day in and day out.

What have you done this week to build "connection" in your family or friendships?