A Snow Day and Dreams of Summer

Today, for the first time in the month that we've been here, we got a "real" snowfall in Longmont. Enough to actually go out and play around in and shovel! After several days of being housebound, we were glad to frolic in the warmer temps. It's always refreshing to get out there and breathe in the cold air.

I love the snow and all the fun activities that come with it...but don't get me wrong, I am extremely EXCITED for the upcoming Colorado summer. We have the greatest little backyard and patio and I have big plans for it! :)

The first step is to create spaces for the girls that they enjoy being in. We found this adorable wooden playhouse on Craigslist last weekend and it was love at first site. The seller threw in a covered sandbox with the deal too. Weeeeee!

Can't wait to put some sweet little flower pots out front :) In fact, they better watch out...I might try to move in!