Superbowl and Inspiration

Superbowl Sunday was another chance to hang out with friends...old and new. We loved watching the commercials as well as the crazy kiddo antics throughout. Full set of photos here.

And now it's I'll throw a little inspiration your way!

I'm in LOVE with this itty bitty house! (thanks Elsie!) This is the best healthy living book I've seen in a LONG time. *love* These leather goodies are incredibly adorable. HoopPath was amazing. My recaps are here. This small space furniture is SO great. Who cares if it's like a million dollars? :) Still fun to see. Sneak a peek. I love rooftops. This is so adorable and easy. I.must.make. (Does anyone know the original source?) Bella is OBSESSED with all things Paris right now. Have you checked out Tara's new website yet? I've been loving Instagram. My name is livelightly if you want to add me! :)