One Fine Saturday

In September of 2008, I met Ellen at a Live Lightly Tour gathering in Denver. We have continued to stay in touch  online and this past weekend we finally found a day to spend together. Within a few minutes, I was wondering what took us so long to reunite! Ellen and I have much in common and the kids had such fun playing together...we're already planning our next meet up!

Ellen brought a delicious warm vegan apple crisp that we enjoyed while drinking our yerba mate :) Sunlight streamed in the back door as we laughed and talked about oh so many things.

Bella and Margaret spent much of their time dressing and re-dressing to find the perfect look.

Lucy and J.J. supervised.

The weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time in the backyard. The kids dug in the dirt and made forts.

And of course...we hooped. Big surprise, I know ;)

We decided to go on a "road trip" to the Thai restaurant for take-out.

A good time was had by all. The kids practiced their chopsticks skills, and Ellen and I sighed with delight as we savored our tom kha, fresh spring rolls, and pad thai.

Can't wait to do it again...but next time we will head to their place in Denver! Ellen tells me her neighborhood has the BEST thrift stores, Thai restaurants, and a vegan ice cream shop.

Yay! It was certainly one fine Saturday.

*see full photo set here