Pampered Chef Online Party + Girls Night

When Matt and I were first married, I was a Pampered Chef consultant and I LOOOOOOVED it. I recruited all of my friends as well and we had a grand 'ol time! :) We even took an unforgettable trip to Chicago together. Such fun. When we moved and I started working for my family, I stopped selling it. However, my deep love for Pampered Chef products has lived on!

Now that we are settled in a house, there are a few new PC products I would love to I'm hosting an online party! It's a great way to get a few new items, and I love that I'm supporting a fellow work-at-home mama.

**If you live in the Denver area, I am going to have a Girls Night/Pampered Chef Catalog Show at my house sometime this coming week. Email me at janssenfamily (at) gmail (dot) com so I can add you to the invite list! I'm still trying to pick a night, so let me know when you could come over.  I think it's a great excuse for me to get everyone together at once :) And of course, you can still come over even if you don't want to buy anything!

You have until Saturday, March 12 at 12:00 MST to place an order...


If you're new to Pampered Chef, let me tell you about some lovely products that I cannot live without:

Apple Wedger: I've tried SO many knock-offs of this wedger. Nothing compares. Pretty much ALL of their specialty cutting tools rock my world.

Batter Bowls: I use the Classic Batter Bowl almost daily!

Quick-Stir Pitcher: I love both the small and large sizes of this pitcher. So handy.

Stoneware Muffin Pan: We make a lot of muffins and this piece of stoneware bakes them evenly every time!

Bar Pan: Probably my favorite PC item. I use it for everything from cookies to roasting veggies. If you eat bacon, this is the ONLY way to cook it! Lay them out and cook in the oven...which means no bacon "smell" in your kitchen! :)

Pizza Stone: Yes please! Super high quality pizza stone. They've added molded handles since I was excited.

Food Chopper: A Pampered Chef classic! Nuts, onions, chocolate, veggies, you name it. Save time and clean up!!

Knives: You can't go wrong with their cutting tools. Awesome.

Bamboo Salad Tongs: Love these.

Sweet Caramel Sprinkle: If you're looking for a little treat with your latte, oatmeal, pancakes, and more...don't miss this! I discovered this recently and we love it!

Medium Scoop: If you make cookies...I'm not sure how you can live without this little gem! Use the large scoop for no-mess muffins.

Ok, so I think I could go on and on with more favorites, but I will leave it at that. Feel free to email me with any questions about products. You can also contact my consultant and friend Jess through the site.

One last thing, I just can't say enough good things about Pampered Chef as a company,  and if you are looking for a side job that is fun...but sure to contact Jess for more info!

Now get to cookin'! :)