Monday Inspiration & My Crazy Family

Crazy defined: "intensely enthusiastic / passionately excited".

That sounds like us! Or, it can mean "mentally deranged; demented; insane". Well, that's us too. I have a passionately insane family. And I like it that way. :)

I've been holding this photo hostage until my mama got her spring update letter out...but it's in the mail so now I can post it! :) This was from Christmas and every time I see it I feel happy little sparkles inside.

My family is such a blessing and I am so DEEPLY thankful for their love and support. Each one is so unique, talented, and yes, crazy...I can't imagine life without every last one of them! (Click twice on photo to enlarge)

Here are a few little bits of inspiration for Monday:

*I love this! So funky and colorful.

*Loving this new blog I found.

*I'm so fascinated with car-free people. While you're there, check out Smalltopia too. Good stuff!

*Love seeing San Francisco through Tara's lens.

*Some delicious Etsy finds:

These are so crazy beautiful. Although, I do believe at least half of you will think I'm nuts.

Love this. I need one that says "maté love" :)

Oh so dreamy.

We're gearing up for a great week around here. Expecting some snow tonight and tomorrow, but back to 60 by Friday. Just in time for the lovely Monica to arrive on an airplane from Portland to come to MY HOUSE! Yippppeee!