Showing Kindness

The weather was GORGEOUS today so we jumped on our bikes and headed to the park! Lucy LOVES riding in the Burley and Bella and I LOVE riding our bikes, so everyone is happy :)

We arrived at the park and Bella instantly disappeared into the gaggle of kids already playing. Lucy and I hung out and worked on her sand play "etiquette". As in, sand doesn't go in other little girls' hair. Even if it looks pretty.

After about 15 minutes, Bella came over to me and said:

"Mom, I can watch Lucy while you go read your book..."

Wow. Really?! Now that got me excited :) Mostly because I really like the book I'm reading right now** but even more so because of what I saw in Bella's simple action. Just the fact that she thought about me and decided to show me this kindness (even though she was deep in play with her new friends) was so touching and it made my mama heart sing :)

After leaving the park we headed over to Caffe Luna, where we sipped cold drinks, sat on the porch and enjoyed the sun a bit more before heading home to our nest.

**I haven't written about downsizing/organizing/simplifying in awhile and I'm excited chat with you about it's spring cleaning time baby! :)