Mountains, Muffins, and Mamas

Our day began with a trip to Louisville for the unschooling park day. It was our first time going and we were excited! The most wonderful thing about living in Longmont is that no matter where you drive, there are mountain views!

Taking care of a baby AND hoops is a big job.

Watching Care Bears. "Tenderheart! Tenderheart! The caring meter dropped two whole points!"

Had fun hooping and getting to know these unschooling families...and so many more! Such fun to finally connect. Looking forward to more fun days like this!

On our way home, I decided to drive around downtown Louisville a bit because it's ADORABLE. Came across this sweet house for rent right in the middle of it all. I had a little fantasy about living in the tiny red house. Then I snapped out of it ;)

Came across a green VW bus. I cannot help but take photos of sweet busses. I miss ours!

We stopped at Starbucks for passion tea and cake pops.

Colorado is amazing.

Once at home, we decided to make banana muffins. But we pretended we were in a competition and had to present to judges :) Bella added maple yogurt, chocolate, and strawberries to hers. Delicious!

Lucy enjoyed the muffins by candlelight.

We turned our enclosed front porch into a "house" and made beds there while we waited for Daddy to come home from work.

I hung up my favorite flags and sat back and sighed...remembering all of the places they have blown in the wind and the conversations we've had beneath them. And my heart was happy.

It was a very good day.