Monday Mail

I've been feeling so very blessed lately. I've received so much *love* in my mailbox and my heart is so full of gratitude! This beautiful letter arrived today from sweet Anita. I love the flowers! The day before she sent an envelope of historical info about her city for Bella. So fun.

And this AMAZING scarf from Kimberly made me *swoon*! She picked the purple yarn out just for me...I am so humbled and in awe of her. The best part is that Kimberly and I randomly ran into each other at the Portland Saturday Market after being in touch online for quite some time. So crazy.

Cheryl and I have written back and forth several times...she sent this lovely handmade paper folder with textured paper inside. On the back, it says:

"In Nepal, we would never write on the card, it is considered to be part of the gift. This card is meant to be used over and over again, with just the insert being replaced. The older the card is, the more valuable it becomes because of all of the giving that has been associated with it, when it is finally worn out, please frame it and hang it in your home as a sign of prosperity. You can sign and date the card if you like to document it's travel."

How fabulous is that?! I've so enjoyed corresponding with Cheryl...even though my heart is breaking for her family right now as her husband is battling cancer. Please lift them up in your prayers and thoughts.

I always love receiving mail from another country. I'm in awe of the mail system and that a little package can make it's way ALL the way across the ocean to my mailbox. It's a miracle! This is the necklace that beautiful Helly sent me from Australia. It feels SO good smooth and lovely. I've been wearing it almost every day...the weight of it is comforting and yummy. The carved piece of wood is made from reclaimed wood from the goldfields.  She has had an Etsy store in the past, so I'll be sure to let you know if/when she stocks it again! :)

My cousin Trish sent me a fun package with some goodies, including some chai spice mate and chai flavored honey...she knows what I like!

There have been several other day-brightening letters and packages...and I'm sure I'm missing someone. But thank you so much to all!

I believe in the POWER OF THE MAILBOX! Make someone's day. Send mail.

I've been having fun sending out goodies myself...mail makes me so happy!