Spring is in the Air

On Saturday morning we headed to Boulder to meet up with our family...and we were pleasantly surprised to find the Boulder Farmer's Market up and running for the season. It was PACKED. I have to say that I do NOT enjoy the market unless we get there super early to avoid the rush. It was nuts...and hot! But so fun to see all the goodies. I picked up two big bags of organic mixed greens and had half of it gone by the time we got home!

It was lovely dining outside at one of our favorite restaurants and basking in the sunshine.

Dan and Jess have now moved to Boulder from Minneapolis (in addition to Scotty), and we love having everyone so close!

The Girls!

The rest of our weekend was spent being insanely productive. One of these days I am going to have a "real" Sabbath (I should write about that...but not on the weekend!) :) It's funny because I still feel like we had a very restful weekend even though we got a lot accomplished. I'm also so aware of every minute that I get to spend with Matt now that he's gone all week!

We cleaned and purged and built stuff. Well, Matt built stuff. It was awesome. The bathroom is now painted...photos coming soon! A few other projects I have been wanting to complete are now finished, including having ALL of my laundry done at one time for the first time in....FOREVER? *sigh* Feels good.

Bella discovered several new friends in our neighborhood...we have about 8 kids her age within 2 blocks. She wore off crazy amounts of energy and is sleeping soundly tonight.

I've been devouring minimalist blogs and books and having a blast purging. I got rid of about 1/2 of my wardrobe and gave away 8 large garbage bags of STUFF. Crazy. I love seeing SPACE in my house. I promise I will write about it all!

Yesterday it was 80 degrees and today is snowed all afternoon and is supposed to be in the 20's tonight. Hoping it warms up soon because , my parents are driving in from Iowa on Tue. and my sister and her husband fly in from Minneapolis on Thurs. for Bella's birthday, so things will be fun fun fun around here for awhile!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.