My Happy Corner

I love this happy little corner. It's inviting, cozy, and it has all of my favorite things! As you might remember from my living room tour, it used to be a bit more sparse. I've had this vision for a plant shelf here since we moved in...and Matt decided to build it for me on Sunday. He used the wood from the fence he tore down in our backyard. Have I told you how amazing he is!?

I've always wanted to have LOTS of plants in my home. They make me smile...and they filter our air! (check out Tara's article about this topic on Sustainable Baby Steps).

Succulents. Oh the succulents. I love love love. However, we shall see how long it takes me to kill them. For some reason, I've never been able to get my succulents to thrive. Any tips? I would love to hear about  your favorite varieties of plants too.

Having my "current" books displayed and accessible inspires me to SIT DOWN and read. So often I just run around all day like a crazy person and forget to just take a break for a bit to feed my mind. Or at my first break in the action, I grab my computer...which does nothing to SLOW me down at all. I'm working on creating new habits in this area of my life.

This corner is my sanctuary...especially when my family is sleeping. I sit here to read my Bible, drink my mate, watch my HGTV :) It feels familiar and calming.

Where is the familiar "corner" of your home? (take a photo...we want to see!)

*for more inspiring corners from other homes, check out this fun Flickr set!