Busy and Beautiful

Bella turned SEVEN today...so the morning started with a celebration!

We had breakfast, a candle, and presents... and Jess surprised Bella and drove up from Boulder with her favorite treats from Starbucks!

The next stop was dropping Bella off at "Raccoon Clan"... her nature/survival day school.

The land where they meet is so beautiful! I will be blogging about it soon...

Nana and Papa arrived from Iowa while she was gone...so they went with us to pick her up. It was a fun surprise!!

When we got back to the house, Laura and Dan had arrived from Minneapolis and were waiting impatiently in the front yard :)

Such sweet reunions...

We went out to the Pumphouse Brewery for supper. We laughed, ate delicious food, drank margaritas, teased each other, encouraged each other, and just had a fabulous time together. Everyone is in town except for my brother Michael (we miss you!!) :)

We ended the evening with a "family viewing" of last night's American Idol performance and tonight's results show. I feel so blessed that my family is so stinkin' amazing...we have such fun together. It's like spending time with my best friends.

Looking forward to an amazing weekend with them! I'll be taking the weekend "off" from the Internet to focus fully on my family. Can't wait to connect with you all next week!