Honey Girls

Each week after Raccoon Clan, we've been heading up the road to Madhava Honey for a treat. There is a little "sweet shop" outside their main building in Lyons, CO with all kinds of lovely honey-related items for sale, including beeswax candles, lip balms, lotions, and lots of candies of course :)!

As soon as we walk in, Lucy makes a bee-line (sorry, couldn't resist!) for the honey candies. She has a very specific one that she gets every single time. Just one little chewy candy. She puts that little itty bitty candy into a big basket and carries it around proudly. Bella's favorite part is searching out the queen bee in the hive. Right now there are only 500-700 bees in there, but in the summer there are 5,000-7,000 (or so they tell us...we'll have to check it out for ourselves in a few months)!!

We're big honey fans at our house and we love getting it locally from Madhava!

*this is not a sponsored post...just a big fan!