Prospect or Portland?

When I think of Portland, I get all mushy lovey-dovey feelings inside. Mostly because of those amazing food carts. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they are mobile? You know I love little traveling pods! :)

Well, Longmont isn't quite Portland yet...but we're getting there! We were SO excited to see food carts in Prospect last weekend...and hope to see them there again soon. After talking to the owners, it seems like they might be there every Monday. I would LOVE to see this entire park packed with people and food carts and love. Yes!

Pico and Quesadillas from Comida

Top of The Hill Grill -- A new fave!

BBQ Tempeh wrap with coleslaw and goat feta. Yes please.


Hey people! Where is my cupcake?!

*I fell in love with Prospect the first time I laid eyes on those funky & sweet homes. Wanna know more? Check out this great Dwell magazine article from 2002.