Going TV Free + The Minimalist Resource Guide

Don't worry, we haven't been robbed. :)

We've decided to live life a bit more fully...which means that the large TV that used to sit here has been returned thanks to a generous return policy at Costco. We are making some big changes in our life...and this is one of them. The room already feels completely different and we love it.

We are not anti-television. We enjoy it and feel that it does have educational benefits. We just didn't want it to be the main focus of our evenings and weekends anymore. We want our focus to be on relationships and connection...and getting rid of the TV just made a lot of sense for us right now. We are cancelling cable, but will keep one TV to watch movies/Netflix...just not in the living room.

I have big plans for this empty corner...it will involve paint and hanging things and light and other yummy stuff. Stay tuned for that update :)

One of my most recent eBook discoveries is "The Minimalist Mom" and it's partially responsible for our TV exodus. I LOVE Dusti's bold stance on her beliefs and I am completely inspired by her passion to live life on her terms. She recently compiled an AMAZING minimalism resource list. It will rock your world.

She also just launched a new blog, Undefinable You with all kinds of goodies happening in the next month. Check it out...she's a little firecracker :)

I am working on a new series about minimalism and the first post is on how I am downsizing my wardrobe...can't wait to share it with you all!

Have you gotten rid of your TV and/or cable? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it and how it has changed your life...