The Beauty of the Road & A Broken Wrist

Our trip to Iowa was fast and furious, but we had a wonderful time with family and old friends. For those just checking in, we drove back for my grandma's estate sale. It was definitely an emotional time for me as I came back to her house for the first time since her death two years ago. So good to have a sense of closure and reminisce with family about our time spent at the house and with grandma and grandpa...but still difficult to process it all in such a short time.

I could probably write 10 blog posts about what has happened in the past week...but I'm a bit too tired for all that. I did want to let you know that Bella broke her wrist while we were at the hotel (playing "surfing" on Daddy) we've been dealing with doctors and waiting rooms and such this week. She gets her cast on Thursday. It's her right arm, so that makes it a bit hard for her to do anything, but she's up for the challenge and is being such a trooper.

Here are a few of the photos I captured during our 22 hours on the road...have a great week!