Flashback Friday: Chubby Legs & Hula Hoops

I can't believe it's only been a year since this photo was taken! Lucy's legs are so chubby...and my hoops are so new and shiny! We spent Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis last year with family...and this year we'll be with family again, but this time in Colorado!

My parents are driving out from Iowa as I type this, so we're looking forward to seeing them again. Dan, Jess, and Scotty will be here too.  I'm guessing there will be lots of good food and sunshine involved. Bella is ready and rarin' to go with her new cast too.

I have been dreaming of the veggie pot stickers with spicy peanut sauce since Monica and I had them at the Boulder Farmer's Market. Oh.my.word. Amazing. Or how about some iced Bhakti Chai from Laughing Goat? Yes please. As a recovering Boulder-hater, I am working on finding my bliss there again. I've been less than thrilled about the traffic and gaggles of people in the past...but I am embracing it now. It will be extra nuts because the Boulder Creek Festival is happening. Bring on the crazy!

Lucy's birthday is on the 29th...so I'm sure we'll do a little something fun for that. We had a celebration in Iowa with everyone...but she's too cute not to celebrate again. :)

There are summer breezes pouring in every window and pretty birdie songs floating through the air. In the distance I can hear Bella playing with her besties and the wind chimes I took from my Grandma's patio are joining in the song. The RV "guest suite" needs clean sheets and fresh flowers...so I need to sign off and get busy on that.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...I have lots of good stuff planned for the blog (and for you!) this summer. Can't wait!!

God is good. Life is good. Cherish each moment. Much love...