Lots of Love in Lyons

Do you remember my friend Ellen? I told you about her awhile ago. We hung out last week in Denver at her place and had a blast. And then she came over again today and we hung out in Lyons with the kiddos at Meadow Park (the most beautiful park EVER). We will definitely be going back. Like tomorrow. :) Our kids play together splendidly and we plan to get together a lot more in the coming months!

The crew!

Bella surveys the rapids. This park has awesome little "still water" inlets for the kiddos to splash around in and have fun. Of course, the water is ICE cold (because it's melting off the mountains), but they didn't seem to mind.

Ellen and Lucy have a moment.

I fell completely head over heels in love with the little coffee shop in town...The Stone Cup. Super kid friendly and beautiful views. She was asleep before we even hit the city limits...which means it was a good day!

And lastly...an awesome magnet I saw today. Such a wonderful reminder! Say YES! to your life this weekend...look for the little blessings in all things and be happy!

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