Savored Moments & The Open Road

:: nebraska ::

Today we spent 13 hours on the open road...en route from Colorado to Minneapolis for my brother's wedding. We stopped in Des Moines to crash for the night, and let me just say that sleep will be SO WELCOMED!

Let me also just say that SUMMER + LIVING REAL LIFE = LESS BLOGGING.

At the end of the day, I've been crashing onto the couch for some quick online catch up time...but haven't felt motivated to blog at all. This isn't an apology or a promise for more blogging...just keepin' it real. I tend to blog a lot more when life isn't moving so fast and when the sun goes down at 6pm. :)

I have a backlog of ideas and drafts of blogs that are half written, but haven't had the time (because wow, blogging takes a lot of time yo!)...or the energy to complete. I tend to be a perfectionist in all things, so if I don't have time to write a perfectly well-thought out post, then I won't post at all.

However, I really like what my friend Olya at Life Inspired said about her new goal in blogging:

I am going to embrace the randomness of our daily life and not be afraid to be random here as well. Because in reality, our life consists of a myriad of random moments that happen throughout the day, every day. Trying to tie them together into one post with some deep meaningful title to go along with it is what often overwhelms me, takes too much time and causes me to not document those things after all.

And in that spirit, here are a few of my favorite moments from the last couple of weeks:

I have received several lovely letters in the mail from treasured friends. I SAVORED their every word and soaked it all in...with a delicious hot beverage in hand.

We had friends over for taco night and we enjoyed a beautiful evening on the patio.

After supper, we listened to some live music in downtown Longmont.

Bella spent 3 days at Sun Pony Ranch for horse camp! She had a BLAST and can't wait to go back next year.

Shortly after that, she got her cast off! She will still wear a splint for playing for 2 more weeks, but she is enjoying the freedom!

I rode my cruiser and met Natalie on the front porch of Caffe Luna early one morning. It was a really fun time of connection and laughter and I cannot wait to do it again.

We spent time in southern Colorado at Monument Lake...what beauty! God's creation is truly incredible.

We had a slumber party with our cousins in Castle Rock. A sweet time of fellowship by adults and kiddos alike.

We spent time with Ellen and her family in Lyons for the Outdoor Games. Fun!

Matt and I celebrated 11 years of marriage on June 17! He still makes my heart skip a beat with that killer smile and his sweet sense of humor.

We had some hard days after saying goodbye to Bella's best friends in the neighborhood...they are moving on July 1, before we return from the wedding. She has spent so much time with them over the last couple of months...up to 6-7 hours a day between the park and in the backyards. It will take some time to adjust...luckily, they just moved an hour away and we plan to see them again!

And lastly...I've been hanging out these two amazing daughters of mine who teach me daily what it means to truly live life in the moment. To see beauty in the small things and remain in awe of airplanes and birds in flight. They make me smile. They make me crazy. They are the best gift I've ever been given.

And now I must get to bed, so I can be rested for the amazing wedding weekend of family, feasting, and fun!