Bright New Beginnings

On May 24, a sweet blog reader by the name of Jen emailed me and asked if our rig was still for sale. I almost didn't write her back. After 6 months of going back and forth with "serious buyers" only to be disappointed in the end...I was starting to lose my enthusiasm about it all. :) But I DID WRITE HER back and the rest is history.

You are looking at the new owners of our Veggie Oil Powered Alpine Coach! We couldn't be more thrilled about handing the keys over to Jen, Jared, and their adorable family. It will be well-loved and will go many exciting places!

We spent a couple of days together after they arrived in Longmont...talking, laughing, enjoying each other's company...finding we all have so much in common. It was a sweet time of fellowship and play.

A clean slate...ready for it's new family to move in!

Matt shares some final pointers on the veggie oil system.

Fire it up! The kids were ecstatic as they all piled into their new home. They have a long trip back to California, where they will live in the RV and prepare to hit the open road. We are so full of gratitude not only to have a buyer for our RV, but also for new friends that we will surely have for a lifetime.

And of's been 7 months since we moved into our little house in Longmont, so you know it's about time to move out (TRY to act surprised!) :) No really. We are. This lovely Keystone Montana fifth wheel is going to show up at our house around noon today!

We will jump right into remodeling and will move in by the end of the month. We aren't hitting the road though...just going to live in it and park ourselves around the front range while Matt continues to work in Boulder. We just really LOVE living small and changing up our view once in awhile! There are several nice long-term parks in the area with playground/pool/other kids.

And now you know why I haven't been blogging too much lately! We've been in a sea of crazy and it's going to be even more fast-paced as Matt goes into his busiest season of the year with his job. We would love your prayers and warm thoughts as we make this exciting transition.

Can't wait to show you all the inside when it's's the best fifth wheel layout I've seen in a long time! I picked out paint tonight. Flooring tomorrow. Weeeeeeee!! Thanks for coming along for the ride...

P.S. We still have room for guests! Come and visit us in Colorado!