Sweet Summer Memories

**As you can see, my blog has a new look. Big thanks to Lisa and Noah at My Little Buffalo for all their help! I'm looking out my window right now at another 8 inches of beautiful fresh snow. So I thought it would be nice to remember warmer days :) Here is a little recap of all the lovely people who came to visit us this last summer. I could honestly write a long post on EVERY SINGLE ONE of these visits, and I normally would, but it's recap only this time because I'm playing catch up! Monica flew in from Portland and we had such fun in Boulder, exploring on a sunny Saturday...basking in the sunshine at the farmer's market and leisurely exploring Pearl St. Just seeing these photos brings back such sweetness to my heart.

My sister, Laura, flew in from Minneapolis for a quick visit and we enjoyed showing her the Colorado sights. She will be here for Thanksgiving and New Year's too...but her hubby Dan will be coming with her! So excited.

Rachel, Chad, and Oliver took a vacation to Colorado...coming all the way from beautiful Indiana. We packed a lot into our time together...and it was such a blessing to see these dear friends after not seeing them since our tour in 2007. Rachel and I have been faithful pen pals since and I so love keeping up with her writing at Mighty Violet.

Matt's cousin, Dustin, and his wife Anna brought their two kiddos from Minneapolis for a visit. We had a GREAT time hanging out...Dustin schooled us on fancy craft beers...and when I say "schooled", I mean he told us about them and we ooooohed and aahhhhhed :) We gave them the grand tour of the front range, including the essential trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The delightful Tiffani stopped by for a few hours during her grand road trip across the country. We took her out for Indian food and hooped it up. We weren't too sad to say goodbye because we knew we'd be together a month later in San Diego!

We spent a day with Mandy and her four awesome kids. She decided to go on a road trip when her hubby when out of the country and I was thrilled to be able to meet her in person after reading her blog for so long. Be sure to click over for a read...she tackles the hard questions of life and faith. It's raw and honest. Love it. We squeezed every drop of life out of that day...and it was definitely too short! Can't wait to hang out again someday...

And as I've already blogged, Jarod, Jen, and family were here in July to buy the RV and Mullers were here in April. We've had SO much fun with our numerous visitors since we moved to Colorado...our friends are so fantastic and life is so much richer because they are a part of it. We are blessed.