DPP 2011 * Real

If you've ever had delusions about my house being in a perfect state of calm at all times...think again. This was my kitchen today around 4pm. A busy morning of catching up with work, computer stuff, and Christmas plans gave way to lunch, and then naptime, and before I knew it...WHAM! It's almost time for Matt to get home and it looks like we had a small earthquake in the mountains.

I can't take the credit for ALL of this mayhem.

Until I had children, I couldn't even fathom the magnitude of destruction that they could hold in their sweet little hands. If I don't stay on top of their exploring, pretend play, forts, and transferring of goods from one room to another...I tend to go insane. I enjoy a serene, uncluttered space as much as the next mama. But it does take a lot of attention and mindfulness to keep it that way...and sometimes I have to just let it go.

And before you go on with the comments of "Oh! But they are only young once!" and "Babies don't keep!" and "Housework will always be there!"...you have to remember that in order to feed my family, I have to be able to WALK through the kitchen :) I am not one who can "let it go" for too long...because especially in a small home, it takes over everyone's space. And that makes them crabby. My girls love order and spaciousness...and I want to provide that for them.

The majority of the time, I try really hard to have the house in a state of calm and welcome for Daddy when he walks in the door. Music playing, candles lit. A wife with clothes on that were not worn to bed the night before. Teeth brushed...you know :) Luckily, if this hasn't happened for the day, I have a husband who sweeps in and immediately starts doing dishes and cleaning up. And I love him for that.

As I type this, the entire house is clean. Not a dish is dirty. The toy room is spotless. Laundry is running. Children sleeping. Mommy is showered. And it's good. In the midst of the chaos this afternoon, it was hard to see a way out. Hard to muster the energy to keep going. But my fervent prayers sent up at 4pm were heard...

"Oh Lord! I don't have the strength to do this on my own. YOU are my strength. YOU are my supply. Please walk with me through it..."

I am so thankful for a God who hears my desperate plea...and answers.

"He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me." *Psalm 18:19