DPP 2011 * Yarn

I've always loved yarn. There is something magical that happens when I touch it & look at it. But that's as far as it goes :) I am not a knitter, but I am certainly envious of those with great knitting skill (which at times seems like ALL of my friends). I bought these so that I can wrap my dreads with them and use them for art with the girls.

HOWEVER...we want to become a knitting family!!

We have tried half-heartedly a couple of times, but we're serious now. I would love some advice from some of you more experienced yarn women.

  • What needles and type of yarn should we buy?
  • What is your favorite online tutorial? Or is it better to seek out a class? Books?
  • How did you start knitting? I'd LOVE to hear your stories!!

*Edited to add: I just signed up for Ravelry under "livelightly". Add me as your friend so I can become a knitter!