Coffee, Yarn, & Glow Sticks

This morning I met another Bozeman friend for kindred hooping spirit and mama friend, Mary. So good to connect again...even if it was just for a few hours. After that Matt, the girls, and I headed downtown and stopped in at the new Co-op downtown (which is just a few blocks from our old house).

We had a delicious lunch and then took a little walk...

...over to The Yarn Shop! It's so funny getting into a new hobby and realizing that there are stores that have been there all along to support said hobby, but you never paid attention until now! Bella and I had a blast looking through all the yarns and spending some Christmas money and gift certificates that we had.

Is there anything more yummy than hand-dyed purple yarn?!

On our way back, we came upon a young man stuck in the ditch...he has slid off the road on an icy patch and couldn't get out. My amazing husband used his tow strap to pull him out and send him on his way. We had a great talk with the girls about how we should always help others when we are able.

Upon returning, I started my very first knitting project...a dish rag with happy rainbow yarn! It's going well so far...learning from mistakes as I go. Just like life :)

Before bedtime, Uncle Ryan taped tons of glow sticks on giant punching balloons, turned off the lights and let the kids go crazy! I don't have a photo, but they sure had fun. We've had a wonderful time in Bozeman with family...tomorrow is our last day here and then it's back to Colorado for a day and on the airplane to Iowa the next. Life is always an adventure! Hope your Christmas was joy-filled and wonder-full. xxoo