Sacred Time

While we were in Bozeman, I had a couple hours of alone time. It's been a LONG time since I've had an extended amount of that...and I desperately need to make more time for it. To refresh my sit read, knit, look at the mountains, listen to music...all without littles crawling about.

On this particular day, I had a nice salad, journaled a bit, read some inspiring words, and listened to Addison Road's "What Do I Know of Holy" over and over. The lyrics sank deep within beautiful. Go and listen! (If you don't want to buy, it's on YouTube...but ignore the corny photoshow) :)

I made You promises a thousand times I tried to hear from Heaven But I talked the whole time I think I made You too small I never feared You at all No If You touched my face would I know You? Looked into my eyes could I behold You?

What do I know of You Who spoke me into motion? Where have I even stood But the shore along Your ocean? Are You fire? Are You fury? Are You sacred? Are You beautiful? What do I know? What do I know of Holy?

I guess I thought that I had figured You out I knew all the stories and I learned to talk about How You were mighty to save Those were only empty words on a page Then I caught a glimpse of who You might be The slightest hint of You brought me down to my knees

What do I know of Holy? What do I know of wounds that will heal my shame? And a God who gave life "its" name? What do I know of Holy? Of the One who the angels praise? All creation knows Your name On earth and heaven above What do I know of this love? it.

We made the 13 hour trek back home from Montana yesterday...and tomorrow morning we fly out to Iowa until Monday. I'm leaving my computer at home so that I can focus more on my family, letter writing, knitting, and reading. I may or may not post some blogs from my phone :) So if I don't see you until 2012, have a wonderful New Year's! It's going to be GREAT.

*Because I know some of you will ask: the stack above is my Bible, my Kindle Fire, and my journal. The cozy was not made by me, but I love it. Cozies are my favorite. I think I shall knit LOTS of them. :)