Weekending :: Teapots, Masala, & Family

It's hard to believe it's already the weekend again! Last weekend we spent four blissful days in Vail with our family. See all the fun here. This weekend was just as wonderful. Here is the recap. Above: My favorite teacup and teapot filled with Rishi citron oolong.

Banana muffins on vintage Norman Rockwell.

Daddy and his girls.

Lunch at our favorite Indian buffet, Kathmandu. They have the most amazing sweet potato masala. Mmmmmm...

You know how I love flags.

Kathmandu has a great little play area, so when the girls are done eating...it's ALMOST like Matt and I are on a date :)

I took a nap. Oh yes I did.

Sunday morning sunshine on my little sunshine.

After church, we met up with family in Boulder.

Uncle Dan and Lucy reading together.

Jess and the girls with their rice krispie treats :)

Scotty smiles.

Dan took the photo so I could be in a family photo more than once a year! Thanks Dan.

And the big fun of the weekend...Bella's new love of Legos. She has discovered the Lego Friends line and has been creating her little city. So fun to see her work for hours on all of her "projects".

And that was our weekend. How was yours?