Play Play Play

We have been scouring Craigslist for the past month...looking for the perfect play structure for the girls. We've found many...but the prices were anywhere from $200 to $5,000. We knew we didn't want to spend much, so we just kept on the hunt.

However, this weekend we found one in Lyons that was in pretty rough shape, but they were only asking $60 for it. We offered $40 and they accepted!

Matt had to disassemble the entire thing, cut it in half, and bring it home to re-build it.

That same day, he found some scrap Trex decking to re-do the main deck of the playhouse. Score! It's times like this that I am REALLY in awe of my husband's amazing skills. He reconfigured the structure to fit around the existing trees and made it fit perfectly in our little backyard...which was no small task.

This is how the girls feel about their new playground! Thank you Daddy!

Endless hours of fun...a trapeze bar, 2 swings, a rope climb, a slide, and a fort. Even more fun will be had when we add the sand to the lower sandbox area! Praising God for this blessing.