It's almost time! Today I'm 38w 3d...and I've settled into these final days with a peace & patience. We've been busy getting the house more "settled" and getting the bedroom ready for the birth. I'm feeling better overall than I have for the entire pregnancy. I've been getting adjusted at the chiropractor 2 times a week and that has really been helping with all of those 9th month aches and pains. We're also trying to turn this baby from posterior...hoping that happens soon! Emotionally, I'm doing WAY better now that we are in Longmont. We've had a lot of play dates and park days...which keeps our days moving forward quickly.

On another note, I always seem to be answering the same questions over and over, so I thought I would answer them here :)

Do you know what you're having? No. We like the surprise!

Do you have any intuition as to what it is? No. No dreams, no feelings. Nothin!

It looks like you're carrying a boy. That's what everyone said with Bella and Lucy, so I have no faith in shape/size/carrying predictions. Time will tell :)

This has been my go-to breakfast...3 poached eggs and some sort of steamed greens or whole wheat toast and orange juice. Mmmmm cravings. I craved this when I was pregnant with Lucy too.

Tonight we had some sweet family time and completed the belly cast. The girls were so excited to help and we had a lot of fun. We've done this with each is Bella and here is Lucy.

There is an increasing excitement daily with the girls regarding this birth....and they will both be there when the baby is born. This weekend, my mom and dad will arrive and will stay for the rest of the month. My sister, Laura, surprised everyone and is flying in for Bella's birthday this weekend as well. My brother, Michael, is already here that means our entire family will be here (because everyone else lives here!) :) Looking forward to the laughter and family time as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior together!

This verse showed up in a friend's Instagram feed recently and I loved the version of this familiar reassurance. As I approach another labor and birth...I am filled with a sense of letting go. The realization that while I can do all the right things and prepare in just the right way...and yet that God is completely in control of the outcome is very calming.

And so I go into this with no expectations.

I am giving the process and any anxiety I have to the ONE who has already gone before me to prepare the most perfect and spiritual birth that I can imagine.