At Home

Today we had our midwife visit with Kristine and "baby time" as Lucy calls it. Bella was in charge of documenting our time together...a big thanks to her for capturing these moments. Bella has been such a big help to me during this pregnancy...I can't wait to see her blossom into her role as the oldest of three.

Keeping track...

Talking about birth and sleep and snow and family.

Lucy loves to listen to the baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope...

...and so does Mommy. Boom boom boom boom...speedy little thing.

Helping to measure.

A quick nursey break. Many of you have inquired how it has been nursing Lucy during pregnancy. It's definitely had it's challenging moments...but I've never once thought about weaning (although we have mostly night weaned). It's such a sweet time of bonding for us, especially now as we talk about our family changing. Nursing helps her to process what is happening. She talks about sharing the nursies and how the baby will get this one and she will get that one :) It's so sweet to hear hear little thoughts coming out.

It's hard to believe that sometime soon this little one will no longer be our "baby". She is growing up before our eyes and will look enormous next to a tiny newborn. Her vocabulary and personality change daily and we just adore her.

We are savoring these final moments as a family of is such a beautiful, changing, transforming thing.