Five Days

We're five days into our life as a family of five. Crazy. The days are all blending together...but we're blissed out and loving life. And while I don't have a birth story written or photos edited, I thought I would share some of my favorite captures from this last week.

This is the view I see for much of the day...the view from my nursing chair :)

...and when I'm in that chair nursing, I send texts to Matt like this one. He has been so amazing. So, so amazing. He is the best husband and daddy. And on his third time around...he's pretty much an expert at all things baby :)

I made my first yerba mate latte in 9 months and it was sooooooo good. Well, at least the first 1/3 of the cup was...and then I couldn't drink any more because the caffeine was a little too much for my caffeine-free body. Darn. I will just have to ease into it.

Seeing Bella and Lucy interact with Emma is quite possibly my favorite thing so far...they are incredibly sweet to her and their eyes just light up when they see her. I am SO excited to have three girls!

Babywearing a newborn = happiness.

Speaking of's a way of life around here! :) My mama brought me this awesome sign when they arrived. I adore it.

Lots of time has been spent hanging out on the porch, pogo sticking, bike riding, rollerblading, and walking Odie the dog.

It's been such a blessing having my mom and dad here during this transition...they've been taking Lucy and Bella to the park and out and about every day. There have been endless hours of puzzle construction and make believe princess play. My daddy brings me sushi and watermelon. In fact, today when I ran out of watermelon, he brought me FOUR home within 30 minutes. He's awesome. And lastly...I feel so blessed that they have been able to be with us for the births of all three of the girls...such sweet memories.

My friend Jen brought the most fantastic meal to us yesterday. Not only was it packaged beautifully inside and out, it was sooooo delish. Homemade hummus (2 kinds) with all the fixins to stuff whole wheat pita bread, sweet potato and pineapple salad and nourishing lentil soup. She spoils me.

And now...I will end this post so we can do more of this. Life is speeding by...but we'll try our best to slow it down. Just for a bit :)