Venturing Out

We ventured to Boulder on Saturday morning to meet our family at the farmer's market. We enjoyed the HOT sun and some ginger lemonade...and then walked to Pearl Street for more people watching and play.

While we were there, Emma found her thumb. We've never had a thumb sucker...but she seems to like it. She usually just swings her hand around with frustration, trying to find her mouth...and once in awhile, she gets it there. It's all quite cute.

Lucy little sassy pants. Oh how I love her. It's been a definite time of transition as she adjusts to sharing mommy and daddy. She is also changing so much developmentally right now...speech, motor skills, etc...she keeps us on our toes :) She is SO excited about every little thing all day long. It's such a wonderful reminder to stand in awe of every day beauty and appreciate the little things.

Bella is back in Raccoon Clan this spring and loving every minute. This is from last week as she waited for her friends to pick her up.

Freshly picked eggs...a wonderful baby gift from my friend Michelle!

A lovely letter from Rachel paired with a big bowl of watermelon made for the perfect nursing session. Thank you friend! My mama heart needed it.

At one week old, Emma enjoyed her first adjustment from our chiropractor.

My little sweeties.

...and a smile. Nana and Papa left for home today...we miss them already!