Miss Money Bags Giveaway + Cash Budgeting Fun

A few weeks ago I was on Etsy looking for a wallet for the cash envelope budget that we are starting. I wasn't looking for something utilitarian to "get me by". Matt and I have used Dave Ramsey's system in the past, and I've always used a plastic coupon holder or just plain white envelopes. But this time around, I wanted something to inspire me every time I did the budget. Something that made me smile.

I was looking for something BEAUTIFUL.

And you better believe I found it! I knew immediately upon seeing Sarah's amazing wallets that I had to have it and I knew I had to share the love with you too!

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

In the Bible, there are OVER 800 scriptures about money. It's safe to say that Jesus thought it was pretty important. He wants us to steward our money wisely. In fact, it isn't OUR money at all. I believe that God graciously gives us HIS money to use and live and to bless others.

Even with all this instruction about how to be wise with our cash, dealing with money still remains as the number one problem in marriage and the number one cause for divorce in the U.S. (source) 

Jesus doesn't want us to stress about money or to use money in the wrong way. He wants it to bring us joy. He wants us to use it to bring joy to others. Somewhere along the way, with the help of a consumer-driven culture, we've lost sight of what it means to be a good steward. The self-discipline that the Bible talks about so much is nowhere to be found. Especially in Target. :)

When we follow a cash budget, we are intentionally setting forth our goals for stewardship each week. We sit down and look at what we have coming up and how much money we have to spend, save, and give. Just this little bit of communication goes a LONG way in our relationship.

I am putting forth a challenge for you...whether you are married, dating, or single.

Get control of your finances! Pay off your debt! Live a life of FREEDOM.

Ok...so now that you're on board with me, here is a bit more about the sweet wallet and how we make the cash envelope system work for us!

I chose the 6 envelope wallet and I love the size and how it feels in my hand.

I'm kind of obsessed with the wood button. So earthy and lovely and smooth.

The envelopes are not zippered, but are deep enough to keep the cash from falling out. See that last envelope labeled "Fun Money!" ? That one is my very favorite. If I have money allotted each week for WHATEVER I WANT...I am much more likely to STAY on a budget. It doesn't feel so restricted. I can save it up or spend it all as I please.

Each envelope has a sweet little fabric label that you write on yourself. I used a fine point Sharpie, but you could also use a fabric pen. For my envelopes, I chose:

  • Groceries
  • Dining Out & Coffee
  • Thrifting
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Fun Money!

Everyone will have different priorities and different categories for their envelopes. I chose these because they are areas that I struggle with and also categories that I am able to use cash for. All others will remain in the checking account (bill pay, gas, rent, etc.) to be paid electronically. The thing with cash is the I DON'T LIKE TO GIVE IT TO PEOPLE! :) So I tend to spend less and save more. I love setting a budget goal for an outing and watching the cash grow in the envelope each week.

There are places for your cards up front.

And a removable zippered pouch for change, stamps, etc. Behind the zippered pocket, I keep my checkbook and receipts.

The back of the wallet has another pocket and pen holder. I purchased a cute matching journal so that I would always have a notepad to write stuff down.

I love all the little details that Sarah puts into her handiwork! Such love.

And now for the details:

The giveaway will run through Tuesday, July 24, 2012  (noon MST).

Enter by leaving me a comment!

Any comment will do, but I would love to hear about YOUR experiences with the cash budgeting system. You can gain additional entries by sharing this giveaway on your Facebook page and/or Twitter. Please leave separate comments for each entry.

Sarah is offering a generous 20% discount with the Etsy code Entzentz. This code will be good all week and through July 26. She is also offering to reimburse you for the cost of your wallet if you buy one this week and then end up winning it.

Good luck and have fun spreading the word!