Organic Parenting

I've introduced you to my friend Tara before and I'm excited to talk about her again! We have known each other for several years...we've camped together, hooped together, and laughed together. And now we've Skyped together!

I'm thrilled to tell you that I'm a part of her upcoming parenting e-course, Organic Parenting: The unconventional guide to vibrant mamas and thriving kids and we've got a little teaser to share.

The Organic Parenting e-course will be a 6 week process of learning radical self-care, overcome our challenges and triggers, and moving beyond conventional parenting tools (like punishments and rewards) to nurture real trust, deeper relationship and actual fun in our lives together.

Tara interviewed me as part of the lineup of contributors. We talked about how my faith impacts my view of parenting, my personal challenges as a mama and the tools I use to overcome them, and how I balance it all.

Other contributors include Naomi Aldort, Peter Gray PhD, Jan Hunt, Lenore Skenazy, Brad Yates, Tiffani Bearup, Pixie Campbell, Denise Andrade, Hannah Marcotti, and many more parents, guides, coaches, and bloggers.

The registration opens on September 3rd and the course begins on Sept 17.

But I wanted to point you to Tara now so you could get to know her and see whether this course is what you've been looking for. I'm an affiliate for Tara because I believe in her message of unconventional living and Organic Wisdom, so I'd love if you click these links. If you're not comfortable with that, you can Google her to find out more.

She has a free mini e-course you can sign up for which will give you a much better idea of who she is, what she talks about, and how she does what she does. Click here to get that for free.

And I hope to see you in the Organic Parenting course!