Small Things

I've never considered myself a collector of small things. But over the past couple of years, I've come to realize that there is great beauty in the tiniest of treasures. I needed a place to keep all of these bits of inspiration in plain view...not stored away in a box. So I roamed about my house with my tape measure...seeking the perfect opening to place my desk. Low and behold, it fit like a glove right in between my pantry and my fridge.

I have friendsand family who give me the most beautiful and meaningful of trinkets. The windowsill above my desk is an altar of sorts...holding these loved items. My grandma who passed away a week before Lucy was born loved rocks. And she had an impressive collection of crystals and gemstones. This is one of them. Every time I see it, I remember her. The seashells were a gift from sweet Sarah.

She gave them to me during our Santa Cruz mama weekend and I just adore them. Adore. They remind me of crashing waves and redwoods and moss and dancing. The "you are beautiful" sticker is from Catina Jane and the wine cork from a fun night I had recently with good friends.

A few yummy books, my favorite Bible, and Kinfolk. Oh Kinfolk. And Story People. I could read those all day long!

A knitted mat from Khrista and my green plant. Reminding me to have deep roots and seek wisdom and grow.

Smooth rocks from the Pacific Ocean...reminding me to seek BALANCE, and a piece of art from Rebecca.

Aspens from a recent trip up the mountain and a few elephants. They are fascinating to me on so many levels.

A rainbow star hangs in the window above my desk. It was a gift from Olya and it reminds me of how all of life intersects and how we're all connected.

It feels good to sit at my desk. Surrounded by truth and good things. I read here. I learn about Jesus here. I nurse here. I sing here. The sun shines in on me here. All because of a few small things.