DPP 2012 :: Space

I spend a lot of time right here. A lot. Our kitchen is tiny enough that even when I'm standing here, I'm also standing at our kitchen table, in the art room, and close to the laundry room.

I love this space.

And because I do spend most of my days here, I strive to make it a place I WANT to be. Just yesterday, I took down the soul-sucking mini blinds and put up these mind-blowingly awesome lavender and white chevron curtains.

It took me 5 minutes tops to make my space even happier. I didn't even hem these babies...just cut the $3 remnant of fabric into squares and hung them with clips. I quite like the imperfection of the frayed edges.

I have some amazing incense in the window...and my favorite mug filled with delicious coffee. And you all know my obsession with flags and things that hang :) My next project? Yarn bombing the tree outside my window. YES!! Unimaginable happiness. All day long.

So many times, we are STUCK. Paralyzed actually, with how things have always been in our homes. So I am challenging you to make positive change in your space! Something little...with big impact. Create a space you love!

*I've started a hashtag on Instagram...#createaspaceyoulove. Post your little changes! I can't wait to see your space.