Eyes Open Creative Photography Giveaway

Are you a blogger, amateur photographer, or someone who just got a DSLR that is looking to take their photography to the next level? Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your photos because you just can't get them to look like you want?

The Eyes Open Creative Photography e-course is a 6 week course full of information, inspiration, and everything you need to take your photography to the next level! Erin Wallace, of a love supreme photography, has written six lessons packed full of information from the basics of photography and understanding your camera, lighting 101, creative living and nurturing the artist within, creative photography, portrait photography, and creative editing!

With personal assistance from Erin, an interactive forum to share photos and discuss the lessons from the course with other participants, weekly videos, giveaways, and inspiring guest posts by other creative photographers, this is one 6 week course you do NOT want to miss!

Once joining the course, the lessons will be available to you at your leisure for 10 weeks. There is no pressure to hurry through anything. Take your time and enjoy the experience of transforming your photography!

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I'm excited to announce that I will be one of the contributors for this round of Erin's eCourse! Erin is a friend of mine and one of my favorite bloggers. I can't say enough good things about her! She is generously offering a free spot to one of my blog readers  for the upcoming February 1st course, as well as a 20% discount until next Tuesday (Jan 29) using the coupon code "livewildly" See giveaway details below!
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So Erin, tell us... :)
Who will benefit from this Ecourse?
 Anyone with an interest in photography would benefit! It's not just for people hoping to take photography seriously and someday make a living from it, but it's for anyone with a DSLR that they don't really know how to use, or anyone with a blog they'd like to take amazing images for, or someone looking for a new hobby that will inspire them! It's such a great 6 weeks and I'm always amazed by the growth I see in the students; whether they are complete beginners, or already know a lot about photography but want to learn how to take it in a creative direction. Come join the fun!

Where are you finding your greatest inspiration these days?

My photographic inspiration comes from our life! I recently bought and renovated a church in Maine, and the light inside is unbelievable, which has really inspired a lot of my daily photographs. I also love researching photographers and images from the 20's through the 70's, so I always add a little bit of that into my work day. In terms of creative inspiration, my fiance Mark really inspires me. He puts so much thought and intention into everything he creates and I really learn a lot from him. Although he says I'm the one that inspires and motivates him! I think we're a pretty good creative team.
What is your favorite image you've taken in the last couple of weeks?
I recently started a portrait project for the year of my 6 year old daughter. She's really getting into it and I love photographing her. Mark and I were outside cutting panels for painting projects and she was inside peeking through the door making funny faces. I grabbed my camera and started shooting and I loved the images I captured.

Entries for this giveaway will be accepted through midnight (MST) January 29 (Tue).

Please leave one comment below...and tell me what inspires you when you are taking photographs! And don't forget to go "Like" the course's Facebook page.