Things I Love Lately

My "egg girl" Michelle delivered my eggs this the most splendid pink carton EVER! I squealed. It's been awhile since I've had super fresh farm eggs. Oh the joy!

I really LOVE my coffee time every day...made in my trusty Aeropress. Almond milk caramel latte. Mmmmm....steamy goodness.

Thrifted treasures. How how I love thee! Found this cross-stitched gem at Goodwill and spray painted the frame yellow.

Soup season makes my tummy happy. This one was kale.sausage.wheat berry.sweet potato concoction. Not up on Happy Foody yet...but will be soon. Yum yum!

Matt accidentally "stole" this from my sister's house when we stayed there last weekend. I'm only a bit obsessed with this book now. So full of awesomeness. For those of you who ask me to blog about home design, etc. Get this book! You won't be sorry.

My sweet Lucy loves's always as colorful as her personality. This is her altered book art journal.

Bella loves the big canvasses. We do LOTS of art in our home. So much so that we converted the kitchen table to a permanent art area. Best thing we ever did!

The little things make life worth livin'!