Rainbow Out My Window

Rainbows. I love them. Color! Happy! Yes. About 3 months ago, while walking through Home Depot with Matt and the girls...I exclaimed: "I WANT A RAINBOW FENCE!!".

I have a really great husband and he said, "OK honey. Pick your colors". But being that we rent our home we couldn't paint directly on the fence. So Matt brought home a scrap piece of fence that he rescued from a tear down and screwed it to the existing fence. And finally this morning, with a project high of 72 degrees and sunny...the girls and I got busy and added some color to our little backyard.

For all the paint geeks out there, here are the Behr exterior colors we used:

Red: Red Velvet Orange: Marmalade Glaze Yellow: Saffron Strands Green: Retro Avocado Blue: Caribe Purple: Darkest Grape (this purple is delish!)

I had a bit of a problem getting my rollers off between colors...which led to me looking like a member of the Blue Man Group at one point in the process. I still have paint under my fingernails.

My little helpers. After some sisterly squabbles earlier in the morning, they came together and had so much fun with the process. A little fresh air and paint does the trick every time.

Emma was a trooper...she slept for most of the project, which lasted exactly 2 hours. And yes, I am totally in my pajamas and slippers. When I decide to do something, I don't like to waste time doing extra tasks like getting dressed :)

photo 1
photo 1

While we had the paint out, we also added some color to our birdhouses. And a stump. And a big thrifted art canvas. Color is addicting!

And so...this is the new view from my kitchen window! It makes doing dishes a lot more fun...and it will tide me over while I wait for the colors of spring to arrive!