The Dreadlock Journey is READY!

I am a little teary-eyed as I announce this...because I can hardly believe it's true.

The Dreadlock Journey is OFFICIALLY ready for download!

A big thank you to everyone who purchased it this past week. Your copy has been emailed to you and I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

It's also time to announce the winner of the custom Secret Message original art created by Mandy Steward! 

The winner is...BRITTNEY HILL!

I will email you Brittney!

For those that didn't sure to stop by Mandy's etsy shop so she can create a secret message just for YOU!

I am going to REST up reallllllly good this weekend. After these past two weeks of launching this blog and book, I am in desperate need of sleep and nourishment! Our house closing got bumped by a few days due to some unforeseen things on the bank's that will give me some much needed extra time. 

I am so looking forward to writing more consistently's been delightful interacting with all of you again.

Happy LOVE DAY!!