Packed Up + Moving In

It's official! We signed on the dotted line and slipped new keys on our keychain. The house closing went perfectly...and it was extra special because my brother, Scotty, was our agent. What a relief to have that part of it ALL DONE! 

packed up.jpg

...and now we're packing up and jumping head first into our house remodel. OUR house remodel. I like the way that sounds! Yay! Instead of renting one big truck, which would be hard to maneuver up the mountain and in the driveway, we took 3 trips up today with smaller trailers. Masterfully packed by my amazing birthday boy. 

We unpacked it all into our studio until the remodel is done. And when I say WE, I mean Matt ;-) He is so incredible  when it comes to logistics and moving. I entertained the girls with hooping and spring rolls and rock climbing while tiny flakes of snow floated down like glitter around us.

Maggie and Maia explored every single inch of the house...sniffing out every animal that has lived there in the past 48 years. Tomorrow, Matt will install fencing in the back so that they can be a little more free to roam. 

We did a lot of measurements and planning. The girls were SO EXCITED to start demolition. So we ripped off a few of the shaker shingles. And then a few more. And then we couldn't stop!


Let's just say we've watched a bit of HGTV lately. See for yourself...


"It's a broken dream house"

"This is AWESOME!!!"

"You're like a dream boy!"

"You're going to TOWN!!"