You Had Me at Flags


I took several photos tonight revealing the complete destruction (better yet, deconstruction) of our current house. The final 24 hours of packing are always the hardest. A million little bits of our life that seem to have no home. I end up throwing them all into one big box and forgetting them for 6 months. Only this time, it seems like that is every box. Each one packed with the words "are we done yet?!" ringing in the air. 

And so, I'm not posting those photos. Because honestly...I never want to see them again! Eyes forward. Onward. 

Instead, I'm sharing a perfectly timed happy mail gem that my girl Em sent me. In the midst of feeling like we will never finish, like the day will never end...Matt hands me a pile of mail from our PO Box. 

Right on top is a delicately watercolored envelope with sewn edges. And after reading her note, my heart started racing. 


FLAGS?!  Eeeeeep!!

They are the sweetest little flags you've ever seen! I went through each one, feeling the different textures, imagining where I might hang them in our new home. Art room? Above my sink?  So fun to decorate in my head.

Thank you friend for thinking of me!! xo