The Little Kitchen in the Basement

When we bought our new house, the first thing we did was tear the kitchen clean out! But it's not super easy to nourish a family with no running water or stove. I know there are amazing mamas who do it with grace every day around the world...but whoa. It's a big challenge. So in an effort to make our transition a bit easier, Matt built me this sweet little kitchen. 

We have a bank of cabinets with open cupboards on either side of my barnwood plant stand...with succulents on top of course! A mini-fridge and a sink on the left. Matt tapped into the water spigot for the washing machine and rigged a large bucket underneath with a sump pump that drains the grey water out automatically when it gets full (yes, he's a genius). What a relief to having running water downstairs now! Love it. We also added a single hot plate and a griddle for cooking up some delicious meals. I have my crock pot too, which will come in handy.

What makes it even more special is that all of these pieces were either free/salvaged or thrifted. The cabinets, cupboards, fridge, and countertop were all picked from discards at Matt's job sites. And then we made a quick stop at ReSource in Boulder on Saturday and came upon the utility sink and grabbed it right up...along with my vintage teal blue metal shelf that I am repurposing as a magnet board for all of my happy little pieces of love. 

Isn't it adorable?! When I walked into the ReSource warehouse, my eyes immediately darted around and around for TEAL. Find the teal! Yes! I won't even tell you about the perfect teal kitchen island that I bolted towards...only to find a SOLD sign on it. Drat. Foiled again! I am predicting many more trips there in the next couple of weeks...on the prowl for the perfect salvaged goodies. The shelf is hanging on the side of our sauna...which we have yet to fire up, but I'm hoping this week we will enjoy some heat! 

And look! Remember those yummy flags Em sent me last week? I hung them here in the little kitchen and I ADORE them. The round shape is so soft and whimsical. And you know I just can't have a space in my home without flags flying. I asked Em if she would make them available online so y'all could buy them too...AND SHE DID!! Jump on over there to snag your very own. She also has an insta-store on Instagram if that's more your style! You can find her at @shopembers. Her super comfy tee-skirts are there too!

I absolutely love taking an empty space and turning it into something that inspires me every time I am there. Temporary spaces can still be fantastic with just a little bit of love. And by love I mean flags, succulents, and layering light and textures! Worth every minute!

It's looking to be an exciting week at the house...with drywall being finished, texture being sprayed, and wood being laid on the ceiling. It's convenient to be living in our construction now Matt can run upstairs and work on a few items whenever he wants to. We love standing in the space and talking through our vision and how it's all going to come together. It's a process. Such a process. But one we are enjoying, day by day.