Barnwood Beams and Bathrooms

The word "weekend" used to mean something a little different before we moved to our new house. Leisurely coffee sipping, HGTV, rest, and not too many plans. Oh how things have changed! Our weekends are now filled with visits to Home Depot, dust, demolition, and dangerously high levels of sugar and caffeine. ;-)

On Friday afternoon, Matt surprised me by finishing the barnwood beam in the living area! I LOVE it! He eventually also moved the scaffolding and all the demo trash outside the now we have our unobstructed views back again. Open space. Windows. Yum.

On Saturday morning did have a few quiet moments, but then got busy prepping for the plumber to arrive. He was coming up to re-route the gas line to the kitchen. Cuz this girl doesn't do electric cooktops. No thank you...turn that flame up! 

Unfortunately, he had to reschedule. So instead, we got a wild hair and decided to rip up carpet and tear down a wall. It gets addicting you know.

Our master bedroom only has a tiny toilet/sink room attached. But we really want to have our own shower. The adjacent art room and office just happens to have a huge closet that is the perfect size for a shower...separated only by one wall. So we knocked that baby right down! Weeeee! 

We weren't planning on doing it until later, but hey...might as well make a big mess of your house all at once. And I quite like watching my handsome hubby flex his muscles. Hubba hubba ;-)


While we were at it, we decided to rip up the carpet in the other bathroom. Yes, carpet in the bathroom. It hurts me to even write that nonsense.


We will eventually be moving the bathtub to the window wall, bumping the toilet over, and doing a complete facelift on this bathroom. But for now, we'll be focusing on my little hideaway spa!  

I'm envisioning lots of white and silver/grey in here. Pretty tile. A vintage dresser for the vanity and a big framed mirror. *sigh* Oh bathroom dreams. But for now, we have a little more elbow room while using the toilet.

Stay tuned...tomorrow I'll share about our Sunday trip to IKEA and our kitchen plans!